How You Are Programmed Of Money Mindset

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Humans are the highest form of animal, isn’t it? The only difference we have is that we have constructed thoughts. It made us superior to all other animals. And also made us functioning and contributing to society kind of individual.

We, humans, are born with a blank state of mind, we don’t know anything about this world yet. We don’t know our mom who carried us in her womb, we don’t know what a mom is, we don’t know our sexual identity, we don’t know our age, our birth location, etc., just yet.

Social Learning Theory

Basically, our knowledge came from observation and imitation. Have you ever heard of the Social Learning Theory by Albert Bandura? Where it “emphasizes the importance of observing, modeling, and imitating the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others. Social learning theory considers how both environmental and cognitive factors interact to influence human learning and behavior.” – Simply Psychology

For example, a child learns how to clap when their parents or guardian shows them how to clap. A teenager would learn how to swear if they heard it in their homes or their schools. What we all know right now is basically what we learn from our society. We tend to conform to look “normal” and acceptable.

Now, do you know that our thoughts didn’t only come from the brain? But all parts of our body react to our surroundings. Why do you think you were crying the moment you were born when you don’t even know what you’re crying from? Simply because of the uncomfortable change that our little bodies felt from being inside the womb to outside during that time. Our brains just signal what to think when exposed to situations.

how to get rid of money entanglement

Programmed Money Mindset

With all the scientific explanations said, let’s connect it with our money mindset. Have you ever been questioned “what do you want to be when you grow up?” as a child before? And grown-ups would be explaining to us the importance of having a job when we enter adulthood. 

Ever since we were a kid, we were taught to study hard to get the dream job in order to make a living; everything costs money; if you make a lot of money, you are successful. And that’s how we are programmed with this money mindset.

We were always taught money is needed in order to survive, to be successful, to live the life you want, and to be happy. We were always taught to strive to prove ourselves. This money idea or thoughts are all applicable in every money mindset. What is the different money mindset, anyway?

What Is Your Money Mindset

Some money mindset came from a family who had to make a living in order to provide and sustain. It came from a money scarcity mindset and was taught how important money is to live a comfortable life. Some came from a family who avoids talking about money because they think it is the root of all evil so it’s taboo. Some came from a family who is rich and earning money isn’t pressuring at all. And many other more. Which money mindset are you? We would love to know about it in the comment section.

And please don’t get us wrong, having big dreams as a child isn’t wrong. Striving as an adult to reach your childhood dreams and goals isn’t bad. Working hard to have a comfortable lifestyle is also advisable. There is no good or bad money mindset.

What we don’t recommend is having your emotions entangled with money. Having money or not shouldn’t affect your emotions. Otherwise, that would be unhealthy for your well-being because the money comes in and out of our lives regularly.

If thought is practiced too often, it will cultivate into a belief. And money belief would be more complicated than money thoughts because it won’t be easily changed. Beliefs align with your values, your perspective, your wisdom, etc. And if it’s money that you’re believing in, a program has been locked up onto you.


However, there is still a chance to change your money habits. To break through your money thoughts and beliefs, you need to find out the core of it, acknowledge and be patient with it because it can really take time, and work towards the core. Our programs can help you in many ways and one of the best hands we can lend is our free-to-download app.

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