healthy processed foods

You should eat these processed foods for better health

What’s your understanding of processed foods? You were told that eating processed food is not healthy. But in this video, I will introduce to you what is healthy processed food.

You know that eating is probably the only way to gain energy to sustain your life. Your digestive system helps break down the food into energy, and the part that can not be fully digested will be excreted or stored as fat. You may be surprised that cold food and drinks will inhibit your digestive function too.

If your digestion system doesn’t work efficiently, you will encounter overweight issues even if you eat less.

Have you thought about your relationship with food? Your relationship with food is very intimate, because part of the food will become part of your body. It’s not just the food nutrition that supports your life; it’s the life of foods, the food qi.

In the old time, people grew their food. They prepared the soil, sowed the seeds, watered, pruned, and fertilized. They did everything to take care of the whole growing process. Later they would enjoy the harvests.

Today, you don’t need to grow your food, you can buy grown vegetables and fruits in a grocery store. This convenience took away your involvement with the food when they were growing. It’s like you bring a foster kid home and want the kid to love you immediately.

It’s ok to buy food from grocery stores and farmers’ markets. But at least you should process your food from washing, picking, to cooking them to make delicious meals. That way, you also create your involvement with food. But now, you buy pre-washed vegetables and fruits, and ready-to-serve meals so that you don’t even need to touch your food before eating. How convenient!

Processed Foods With Love Are healthy.

Do you know homemade food is better than a five-star Michelin restaurant? You will never forget the taste of your grandma’s cookies, your mother’s soup and stews. When you grow up eating homemade food most of the time, I am sure you are healthy and robust.

Why? Because your family prepares food with all their care and love. All food comes from mother earth; There is no healthy or unhealthy food. But there are healthy and unhealthy ways to process food. A meal processed with love is the healthiest food you can have.        


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