qigong healed lyme

Doctor Was Amazed By Her Level Of Healing By Qigong


Attended: Onenergy qigong healing retreat 2018
Duration: 2 weeks
From: Washington State, USA
Background: started Qigong practice 9 years ago

Doctor’s Comment After My Qigong Retreat

I was having an office visit with my Lyme doctor earlier this week. This is only a few weeks after the retreat in Vancouver. She said in terms of Lyme, I am doing incredibly well.

We were speaking about how long I had been working with her (almost ten years). I began seeing her after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was recalling to me when I had seriously begun to practice Qigong, and the changes she saw in me.

It was about a year into my treatments. Her comment then was “What are you doing? Your level of healing is far greater than anything I can offer you.” She told me this week that what she experienced at that time was a change in the structure of my whole energy system. She thinks of this change often while she treats other patients.

Years Of Qigong Practice Heal The Lyme

I have and continue to experience health benefits from my practice. Some of the specific changes I experienced over these past 9 years were surprising. Shortly after my first retreat and home practice for about 3 hours a day, I was told by a bodyworker who had worked with me for some time before I began to practice, was that scoliosis in my spine had corrected.

As I love gardening and live in the Pacific Northwest, I would frequently experience chilblains in my fingers and toes from poor circulation. These symptoms went away as well as decreased pain in my lower back.

Something else also unexpected was the emotional changes: feeling happier, less reactive to difficult situations, and more self-confident. All of these changes lead me to want to share this beneficial practice with others. I trained to become a teacher with Master Mingtong Gu at the Chi Center in New Mexico.

Last Qigong Retreat Strengthen The Healing

During this past retreat, I received many benefits from the Qigong teacher’s teachings. I deeply understood the importance of the mind/body/heart being in a chi state: emptying my mind, allowing stillness and space, as well as relaxing my heart and entire body. I experience how being in this state while I practiced allowed me to connect with the Qi at deeper and more subtle levels.

I find this particularly powerful when I am feeling fatigued. Since this has been an issue for me long before I contracted Lyme, I see how I can actually move my body and end up more energized than lying down and resting. The emphasis on the mind leading the movement with attention on my body has allowed me to feel the mind more concentrated, focused, and calmer.

During the weekend visit to my daughter’s home in between the two weeks of the Vancouver retreat, we were walking up and down very steep hills. She offered, unsolicited, that she had never seen me stronger. It does feel to me that I have deeper core strength, my whole body feels infused with fresh energy.

I believe these benefits come as a consequence of Qigong teaching as well as gaining greater confidence in the healing possibilities of this practice. Added to my experience was the warmth, support, and fun from the teachers and all the participants, this indeed is a healing experience I would recommend.


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