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Mind Fasting Is What You Miss

Weight loss has been a hot search over the years. To lose weight, people are willing to commit themselves to workout routines, gym memberships, diet plans, etc. Therefore fasting has become a hot topic among the weight loss community.

It’s an excellent thing that people look out for their body health. These keywords always catch people’s attention: healthy food, healthy diet, healing food, superfood to lose weight, how to lose weight and be healthy, etc.

How Fasting Works

The phrase “Intermittent Fasting” has recently become a trend in the weight loss community. The method is simple: you can eat anything you want in a meal, but you have to follow a strict schedule to fast for long hours before the next meal.

This fasting plan works excellent for many people because it allows the digestive system to rest well by having an empty stomach for as long as your body can take.

Whatever rests well can be highly efficient during work. It is a common way to maintain any tools and machines. The human body and organs are not exceptions. Your body and the whole system need to rest from time to time to fully function.

Nowadays, you care much about what to take and what not to take into your stomach. But have you ever watched what you have taken into your mind?

All the news, videos, articles, and books you watch and read. Are you sure everything you take into your mind is good and healthy? If not, does it mean that your mental health is less important than your body health?

Today more and more people face mental health issues. They might not have any critical physical health issues so far. But if the mental health issue is not resolved, it will manifest into physical problems sooner or later. Do you know that almost all fatal diseases and chronic illnesses are not just physical issues?

For example, people with insomnia usually start with the problem that they can’t let go of the stress from work and life. Over time, insomnia manifested when they couldn’t quiet their minds even before sleep. You can try different stress-releasing ways to find what works for you.

Fasting For Your Mind

As you are aware, unstoppable thinking can cause a lot of problems. It might be easy to stop eating for a few hours. But have you tried to stop thinking? It is almost impossible to do so. Not even for a few seconds. Thoughts always come and flow in our minds. It automatically produces thoughts with or without anything happening. Therefore, you can think of that as mind diarrhea.

When you have diarrhea, the leading cause could be overeating or mistakenly eating some bad food, which causes your digestive system to be upset and uncontrollable in releasing, similarly to the mind.

You see, you keep feeding your mind with all sorts of information (most of them are irrelevant to life) consciously and unconsciously, from the moment you wake up till you go to bed. Therefore, your mind cannot stop producing good or bad thoughts based on all information you put in. Then you have mind diarrhea.

If you want a healthy body, you shall exercise and have a healthy diet. And from time to time, do intermittent fasting to clean up and boost your system. If you want a healthy mind, what should you do?

The same, stop taking too much mind food, and information to your brain. It doesn’t matter positive or negative information you eat, your mind has taken too much food, and that has to stop.

That’s when you need to do mind fasting to eliminate all the junk information stuck in your mind. When you do it often, you will find that your mind produces fewer thoughts and becomes quiet and peaceful.

Our programs can help you with mind fasting. How fast you can see the result depends on how committed you are. To calm your mind, you can try out these steps to relax your body and mind.

Before diving into any of our programs, you must understand that treating your mind-diarrhea requires enough willpower and patience. Watch another Master Dai’s nonsense: stop losing weight. Follow our guide to grow your willpower and explore the freedom of self-mind control. Download our APP to start.


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