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Qigong, The Best Way To Lose Weight After Age 40

You’ve probably known that qigong can cure diseases. But is qigong for weight loss? Yes, qigong is a healthy and probably the best way to lose weight for people after 40.  

Before I explain why qigong is healthier and more efficient in weight loss, let’s look at some weight loss myths.

3 Unforgivable Lose Weight Mistakes Everyone Makes

Mistake #1: high-intensity workout to burn fat 

High-intensity workouts are exercises that cause faster heart beating, panting, and excessive sweating in a short amount of time. For example, high-intensity exercises are running, speed squatting, jumping jack, Tabata training, and so on. 

During high-intensity training, your body needs to consume way more energy than usual, which adds a lot of pressure on your heart, lungs, and overall system. Even if you are strong and healthy, HIIT can be damaging instead of beneficial to your health in the long run. After age 40, you’d better avoid HIIT.

Did you know that many athletes have poorer health than ordinary people as they age? Because when they were young, they went through excessive high-intensity training, which later took a toll on their health. 

After workouts, you might feel that you become slimmer. It’s not because you burn fat. Most of the time, it reduces the water stored in and between the fat tissues. And over-sweating after a workout causes electrolyte loss and breaks your inner balance, which will cause other troubles.

Check out this video blog about 3 weight loss mistakes.

Mistake #2: Eat less food to lose weight

Do you recall when you were young, you had food twice as much as you do today? However, you were not fat. And you might also take more candies, pizzas, and other junk food than you have today. Do you know what processed foods are healthy?

3 weight loss myths

But after age 40, most people grow fat even if they don’t eat much. The mid-product of digestion is stored in your body as fat because any food you put in your system cannot be fully digested.  

If you eat healthily but still can’t lose weight, the problem is not food. It’s your metabolism. Because when you age, your metabolism efficiency is reduced. Your system cannot completely break down food into qi.

In other words, if you have an efficient metabolism, the extra fat will easily turn into qi. When you have abundant qi, you won’t look big. Because Qi takes no space because of its non-physical existence. And your body and mind will function at their best.

But if you take less food without improving your metabolism, your whole system will lack even more qi, inhibiting your metabolism. That’s why you often get tired when you take less food. You might lose some weight. But as soon as you return to your regular diet, you gain weight. It’s an endless cycle. Eating less food will eventually suffocate your health. Watch Master Dai’s nonsense video blog about eating less myth.

Mistake #3: Drinking coffee or tea to stay slim 

First, drinking coffee can lose weight is a myth. You’ve noticed that in western culture, many people drink coffee regularly. However, the obesity problem in western society is severe. 

Second, whether drinking tea can lose weight is questionable. You will find many nicely packed tea drinks in grocery stores. If you take a look at their ingredients, they contain lots of sugar and milk substances. Drinking those teas will gain weight, not lose weight.

Many people drink tea with milk, sugar, and biscuits or snacks. Will it help lose weight? I doubt it. 

Then you might say to drink black coffee and pure tea. You might see some weight loss effects initially. But once you take them regularly, your body starts to build caffeine tolerance. Soon, when your body adapts to that level of caffeine intake, the weight loss effect is reduced, and you create another problem: caffeine addiction. 

As you can see, high-intensity workouts, less food, and drinking coffee or tea are not the solutions. What is the better way to lose weight?

Qigong, the best way to lose weight

best way to lose weight

The better way to lose weight is to boost your metabolism, overall life functions, and life energy. It will supplement your health token instead of withdrawing. It can help steadily reduce weight, which is critical for middle-aged people.

And you will be able to keep that healthy and slim state as long as you keep your healthy routine. That is how qigong practice can help to lose weight. It is much healthier and more sustainable than any other weight loss method. 

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