Lack of Ideas? Don’t Think Outside The Box!

This may sound familiar to you: Whenever you are lack of ideas, you will be told to think outside the box.

To think outside the box is a metaphor that describes a state where you want to think innovatively, creatively, and differently. Because you might find that no matter how harder you do, you can’t change certain things.

I found that using the box in the metaphor somehow accurately reflects people’s usual way of thinking. People are largely limited by their past knowledge and experience. They form a network of memories deeply embed in our brain nerves. That network is exactly like a box we hold in our brain.

WHAT if people can break free from that network of memories, thinking out of the box shall be an easy thing. When I had that idea, I couldn’t hold it to myself. I want to share it with anyone who is stuck with their current situation or idea.

How to shall be another topic. But before that, you need to see the possibility. Do you realize that you have a box of memories that you hold dearly whenever you think about something? Leave your comment below. 

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Jing Dai

Jing Dai

Jing Dai is the founder and chairman of Onenergy Institute, a business and spiritual leader, Onenergy life coach. His life dream and purpose are to help as many people as possible to realize the truth of life, to liberate them from endless suffering through consciousness and spiritual practice. He combined Eastern ancient wisdom including Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yoga, and Qigong, with Western philosophy and logic to form a unique perspective and method of spiritual practice.


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