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Money Grows On Trees Truth Or Myth

When talking about money, often you’ll hear people say, “money does not grow on trees”, “making money is hard”, and “money doesn’t come from a genie”. Basically, people have money stress all the time.

Everywhere you go, you’ll always hear money talks such as having side jobs to make money, saving your money for emergencies, investing money to grow more, etc. It seems like you are successful only if you have a lot of money. Maybe that’s why money is glorified these days.

But how much do you know about money? People invented money to make trading easy. Before paper money existed, people used shells, metals, gold, and silvers to trade. Those were precious objects or heavy materials and were hard to carry around. So, people needed something more convenient to take everywhere for trading. Therefore money was invented.

Money Is An Idea

Nowadays, you don’t even need cash to trade. Most money transactions happen online through virtual money and digital currencies such as Ethereum or bitcoin. No matter what form money takes, or simply no form, money is just an idea, never a real thing.

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If money is never a real thing, why do people want it so much? Because people mistake money for wealth, mistake money for value. They don’t realize that money is worthless until you redeem it for something.

People buy things not because of the price tags attached to them. It’s because of the value in that thing. So what creates value? Is it the money that makes value?

Imagine you are a painting artist. You spend weeks or even months creating a masterpiece, pouring your energy, time, and creativity into it. After it’s finished, you are satisfied and show it to the public. People love it and want to buy it from you. So you set a price and sell your masterpiece for money. Can you see who created value? It was yourself. How does your painting’s value create? You use your time and energy, basically your life, to make that painting. We, human beings, can create value out of nothing. That’s the power life possesses.

Life Creates Value, Money Cannot

Life is the source of true value. People put their life to create value for the world. You trade your time and energy to create value in whatever job you do. How much you get paid for that job can’t decide the value you create. But if you are not enjoying that job even if you get paid well, any way you trade your life for it, does that job worth you?

When you start to look at life as real money, you will get to appreciate every little thing in your life. You’ll know money is just another tool but not the ultimate thing you must have.

Money Grows On Trees

By simply looking around, you’ll realize how abundant and generous the planet earth is. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the shelter you can stay in. All of these come from nature for free. Whether you can take nature’s offerings directly is another thing. Anyway, they are available.

All the lives on this planet keep creating values for the earth, whether we appreciate it or not. They don’t need money to survive, not like us, humans. Simply just looking at the mere fact that we exist and we get to experience life is full of richness already.


Next time you look at trees, think about life and real value and feel how rich you are. From that, you can say money does grow on trees. Our qigong money courses will discuss life’s true value and wealth and how you can attract true wealth and live an abundant life.


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