Do You Need Qigong In Your Life?

Why you ask “do I need Qigong in this life”? Because you actually don’t know what Qi is and what Qigong is. In thousands of years of Chinese history, so many sages and saints had written thousands of books about Qi and Qigong. But Qi is not exclusive to China. It is an universal thing. You may have experienced it in your culture. It may have given a different names in different cultures.

Modern science has admitted and yet to find that smallest element which forms and creates anything in this cosmos. However our ancient Chinese ancestors had given such element a name: Qi.  Although it sounds and written in the same word as Air 氣 in Chinese (initially they were two different Chinese characters), Qi in Qigong is definitely not air or breath. So, what is Qi and what is Qigong? You are about to know some through today’s video.

Please comment below for any thought or idea.

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Hun Yuan Ling Tong
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When you can experience the true heart, you return to #tao #dao where there is no limitation, only unlimited possibilities. #unlimitedpossibilities ...

Only when we live out of mind, can we experience the true heart, the true nature of our existence. #trueexistence #trueheart ...

Any kinds of suffering can happen in any given situation, only because we live in the mind, and seldom in real existence. #outofmind ...

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