Never Been To Guqin Qigong Workshop? So Unique!

What’s Unique About Guqin Qigong Workshop

Guqin qigong workshop is unique because we use the ancient Chinese instrument Guqin for the qigong practice and meditation.

Guqin sound is the best music to cultivate qi in qigong. 

Two days of Qigong with Guqin workshop ended with success. It was an unbelievable experience for everyone who participated in this unique workshop.

A lot of practitioners had the experience of using soothing music while practicing. But few of them had ever experienced live music to corporate with Qigong, let alone Guqin playing.

During the workshop, Teacher Tan explained and demonstrated how Chinese people in the old days played Guqin, which was dramatically different from how people played other musical instruments.

He talked about how Guqin played an important role in Qigong practice in the old days. He then led the group to feel this unbelievable connection with Hun Yuan Qi, when listening to his live Guqin play.

The teacher used Guqin to demonstrate how sounds can efficiently trigger five inner organs’ qi which is the source of emotions.  

The Guqin qigong workshop participants experienced a strong connection between the Guqin sound with happiness, anger, sorrow, pensiveness, and fear. And next, use the Guqin sound to neutralize emotions.

Traditionally, ancient Chinese instruments (Guqin is one of them) playing was integrated with Qigong practice for healing. Because the different ancient instruments’ sounds could mobilize different qi and emotion. That tradition was long gone. 

qigong teacher tan

Teacher Tan began to learn Zhineng Qigong in 1989. In 1992, Nanning Qigong Station recommended Tan to the Zhineng Qigong Center located in Qinhuangdao to take part in building the school. He worked and stayed there to serve the Department of Rehabilitation teaching team. In 1994, he went to Canada to settle down and teach qigong till now.

His qigong teaching combined with Guqin, an old musical instrument, practicing the application of combining the Hunyan Whole Theory with Chinese traditional music. Tan studied Guqin with several masters.

Next Guqin qigong workshop

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