Usually when people get sick or feel ill, the first thing they’ll think is: “Oh, I need to go to the doctor, or I need to take some medicine to help me get better.” They never imagine that they themselves could be their own doctor and that they could find the cure from inside their own bodies.

That is why we’ve chosen to hold this Qigong workshop: to help people to understand that there are other solutions to their problems. In truth, Qigong is a very effective one.

Many people think of Qigong as a form of physical exercise performed by doing specific movements. And that is true if looked at from one angle. However, Qigong is so much more than simply an exercise. It is a verifiable life science which regulates all of lives even though most of us don’t have a clue how it works! There exist many mis-perceptions, misunderstandings about Qigong just as there are still, as yet unfathomed truths and mystery. What we DO know is that Qigong heals!

This Qigong workshop is for those:
Who have chronic pain or discomfort in the head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, etc; or
Who often feel stressed, tired, sleepy, or low in energy; or
Who are simply interested in learning an ancient Chinese wisdom of self healing.

What you will learn from the workshop:
✔ Spine Strengthening Method
✔ Secret of The Secret, the foundation of Qigong theory and philosophy
✔ What you don’t know about Qigong

We will hold the workshop on two different locations on two different days. The January 12th (Sat) workshop will be in Burnaby BC. The January 20th (Sun) workshop will be in Vancouver BC. If you would like to attend (one or both days), please email us for details at: [email protected]

We are running Qigong workshops regularly. Contact us for the next one, or subscribe to our newsletter below to get notified in the first place.