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You can find all the past and upcoming Onenergy events, including live events, workshops, and retreats. Some of the events will be hosted online, some will be local events. Make sure to sign up for each event that you are interested in. 

Mexico Qigong Retreat Feedback
Feb 11-16, 2020
Mexico City
“I really loved the study and connection of the eight phrases. During the retreat, a little tumor that I had, disappeared from my arm over the skin.”
Onenergy Qigong retreat LAWY
Qigong Retreat Mexico “Live A Whole You”
Sep 8-14, 2019
Onenergy qigong retreat in Mexico in Feb 2020. Onenergy Institute founder and qigong teacher Master Dai and Delphine were interviewed by Dakaimi Diego.
onenergy qigong workshop
Qigong Workshop Vancouver Of What Qigong Can Do
Jan 12 & 20, 2019
Vancouver, Canada
Usually when people get sick or feel ill, the first thing they'll think is: "Oh, I need to go to the doctor, or I need to take some medicine to help me get better." They never imagine that they themselves could be their own doctor
Never Been To Guqin Qigong Workshop? So Unique!
Aug 11, 2018
Vancouver, Canada
ZN Qigong three Zhuang series of practice (soring Soaring Crane, Body and Mind, and Five HunYuan Form), into Guqin music, and you will experience the beauty of Qigong in a relaxed and quiet state.