What I Got from Dr. Pang’s New Book “The Heart Philosophy”

book: philosophy of the heart by Dr Pang
Chinese Philosophy of The Heart and Its History by Dr. Pang

I was very excited to know that Dr. Pang’s latest book “Chinese philosophy of the heart and its history” 《中华心学沿革简述》 (“The Heart Philosophy” in short) was about to publish when I met Dr. Pang last September. So when I finally got the book three months later (January 2019), I jumped into it and immerse myself in the ocean of philosophy of the heart.

I read Dr. Pang’s “The HunYuan Entirety Theory” and practice ZhiNeng QiGong since I was 14 years old, I thought I understood every word but until now I start to understand the true meanings behind. After reading Dr. Pang’s new book – The Heart Philosophy as well as his other books published recently, I found that a new world is opening to me. The destiny and the journey to it is much more clearer and brighter in front of me.

In his book, Dr. Pang quoted hundreds of articles and books of Chinese ancient wisdom of Confucianism, Zen, and Taoism throughout thousands of years of Chinese history.  It reveals that the Chinese culture is derived from the history when Chinese sages and scholars explored the truth of the universe and the human true heart.

I call it “the heart” or “true heart” because it does not refer to the heart as the organ. It is not the mind either, neither consciousness nor subconsciousness. Dr Pang spent a whole chapter of more than 30 pages to explain what it is. After reading the book, the complete knowledge of the heart theories and the ways to practice is unfolding before me.

In his books, Dr. Pang quoted many articles which I had read at schools or in libraries. Because they were written in ancient Chinese, very few people understand the authors’ true messages and the original intentions. Now I realize that most of them were not interpreted correctly or they were explained into a whole different meanings. Some of them were mistaken as a passive and dogmatic philosophy of life. There are many examples which will be given in the future articles. 

Therefore, the profound knowledge had been covered in dust, which cost people’s learning opportunities for life’s truth. Dr. pang wrote books (he has published thirteen books so far) and created scientific QiGong methods since 1970’s. What he did, has built a bridge for people to continue the study of philosophy of the heart. His achievement is as high as what famous Chinese Neo-Confucian philosopher Wang YangMing had achieved, if not higher or greater.

As a QiGong practitioner, I learned a lot from this book. It escalates my perception about Qi to a new level. From the understanding of body’s Qi to understanding of most pure and fine Qi – true heart. Now I understand better that our human body has Jing, Qi, Shen three levels simultaneously, and every level is important to the human body’s health especially Shen Level. Shen is the true heart. And when practice, we shall put our intention to true heart, rather than just body and Qi movement like most Qigong practitioners do.

Onenergy and Dr. Pang
Onenergy Institute Qigong Life Coach Dai with Dr. Pang, ZNQG founder in Beijing in 2018.

The purpose of practicing QiGong is not only to improve our health and live longer, but to seek and realize the truth of our true heart. Only through our true heart, will we be able to connect to the source of our life.  And eventually we will gain the true and entire knowledge of the universe, which can help human being to evolve to a higher level and make the world better.

How to realize the true heart? How to put our intention to our true heart for practice? Those are what I realized after reading this book and several other books about those enlightened people’s individual experience. That I am about to share in our retreat. Please share what you think and comment in our Facebook group page.

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Jing Dai

Jing Dai

Jing Dai is the founder and chairman of Onenergy Institute, a business and spiritual leader, Onenergy life coach. His life dream and purpose are to help as many people as possible to realize the truth of life, to liberate them from endless suffering through consciousness and spiritual practice. He combined Eastern ancient wisdom including Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yoga, and Qigong, with Western philosophy and logic to form a unique perspective and method of spiritual practice.


7 Responses

  1. Well written and so true…
    Looking forward to more from Jing Dai Laoshi.

  2. This book: “Chinese philosophy of the heart and its history”, is only available in Chinese?

  3. Would love to hear a synopsis of the 30 pages on what True Heart is! Looking forward to hearing more and would love to study this. Hope they do a translation soon. Thank you for review. Excellent!

  4. It will be hard to translate the book because Dr. Pang quoted from many Chinese past philosopher(Confucianist/Taoist/Zen Master)’s books and they were written in ancient Chinese. Even for Chinese people, it also hard to understand their real meaning sometimes, not to mention to interpret into other languages and still keep the spirit of the words. But just like what Dr. Pang quoted in the book, the real understanding of knowledge does not come from the outside words, it is realizations rise from inside of our heart. I will share my limited realizations from Dr. Pang’s books and wish it will help.

    1. Excited to hear your thoughts on the 30 pages! Could you translate them posdibly for us to understand?

  5. Great article. Rume said:

    If your heart isn’t yet illumined
    Be awake always, be a seeker of the heart,
    Be at war continually with your carnal soul.
    But if your heart is already awakened,
    Sleep peacefully, sleep in the arms of Love

  6. One day we all started our journey towards the heart. We were looking for beauty of being nothing, beauty to surrender ourself to universe. And I had this great desire inside of me too. And more I tried to merge with my heart the futher I felt from it.

    The way of heart is so different from the mind. The merging with heart its a not a personal story of success. Because for heart there is  no differences between poor and rich, educated or not.

    After years of trying I had realized that heart is a master and  our mind is a slave.
    Heart should merge, enlightenment brain. As we merge with the heart the ego becomes  smaller and smaller, because there is nothing to do and slowly the mind starts to still. The deeper we are taken into the heart , the more we are  became true ourself, true heart.

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