Qi Food: How Any Food Can Become Our Nutrition

Everywhere you will find a lot of articles and videos talk about nutritious food, super food, etc. Have you ever heard of Qi food?

Some people care so much about nutrition label, organic food, vegan food, etc., and yet they still face multiple health challenges. They are so cautious about what food they take, but they never know that the way they eat them is the most critical part.

Do you know that, food allergy is mostly the mind issue rather than the body issue. Some people might not like that idea. We will explore it in more details in future posts.

Eating with mindfulness, that way our body could get all possible nutrition and energy (qi/chi) no matter what type of food we are eating.

You would understand that food is not the only source to get energy (qi/chi) from. Our human being has the ability to gather energy directly from the Universe’s original qi (Hun Yuan Qi). So people could not only survive but living a normal life with very little food and water.

In summary, Qi is the food for our body. Any food can be Qi food which nourish our body and mind. How nutritious ingredient the food has does not decide how well it can supplement our life. The way we eating decides.

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