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Purify and Intensify World Consciousness

(Photo credit to Hui Yu)

When the politicians build the walls at the borders and declare wars to fight the terrorism, they bring no peace to the world;

When people protest for anti-bullying, anti-racialism every now and then, bullying and racialism happens non stop around the globe.

What happened? What’s Wrong?

Nothing’s wrong except that most of us don’t know that’s how things in the universe work, that’s how human consciousness works:

We will always attract that thing, no matter good or bad, that we focus on. That’s one of the universe laws: law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

When we say that we must fight the terrorism, we focus on terrorism. So terrorism is what we get more and more.

Same thing as anti-bullying and anti-racialism. As we focus on bullying and racialism, no matter whether we are against (anti) it or fond it, we are getting more bullying and racialism.

“Breast Cancer Foundation” is a perfect example. That name makes everyone to think about breast cancer. But No body wants it so why think about it. We shall focus on health and wellness instead. Therefore “Women Health Foundation” would be a proper name.

Purify Our Consciousness To Change the World

As a major function of human brain, human consciousness can make things happen, and can literally create things from nothing.

It is not some sci-fi imagination. Qigong theory has explained it very well. And our Qigong practitioners are using this ability to change the world.

And you can too. It’s our human’s ability to purify our own consciousness to change the world.

We also welcome anyone everyone to join this big conscious qi field.

This way we can greatly purify and intensify a worldwide positive qi field, consciousness field and information field. It can not only bring peace, harmony and awakening to humans, but benefit the whole environment, plants and animals.

Altogether we can change the world in a better way.


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