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What can we use Qigong for

We can use Qigong to accomplish many things. We can use it to strengthen our health, heal ourselves, enhance our intellect, manifest things, and improve our life quality. Qigong can create miracles that you never would think possible. Qigong is a wonderful tool.

what can qigong be used for

We have witnessed many qigong miracles in the past 30 years. In the 1980s and 1990s, qigong practitioners in China did multiple scientific research and experiments on using qigong to make crops grow quicker and bigger. They also did a lot of research and experiments on how practicing qigong can enhance human ability and develop super abilities. They had achieved great success in all of the research.

However, many people started qigong because of its healing effect. They healed themselves by practicing qigong, and they also helped others to heal. Many of them had serious health conditions before starting qigong. Their doctors claimed that their ailments were incurable. However, they followed the guide to learn and practice qigong for hours every day for 3 to 6 months, and 95% of them fully recovered without taking any medication or surgeries.

If you wish qigong can do miracles for you, you need to commit to yourself and follow a working system to learn from the beginning. If you are new to qigong, you shall start with the ultimate guide for qigong beginners.

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Onenergy is pronounced as [One-Nergy], which refers to the source of creation. Everything and every life come from this one source. Onenergy Qigong is to help you to realize that you are more than this body and mind. Download Onenergy APP to learn and practice Qigong, meditation, and more. Available at Apple APP Store and Google Play Store.
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