Onenergy Institute
transformational education for all ages

Onenergy Institute is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. Our mission is to educate people about how to connect with the ultimate source of creation, the One Energy (Onenergy), to develop human potentials, and to bring about the evolution of human health, wealth, relationship and well-being.

Super Brain Camp Grand Landing In BC Canada

5 topics of super brain training

Are you ready to become Top 1% of your school, or your company?

Most of us only use 5% of our brain power, do you wonder why we haven’t or couldn’t develop the other 95%?

What we are capable of if we develop another 5% – 10% of our brain power?

Introducing, The Super Brain Camp, where children and youth from age 6 to age 18 will get a chance to unlock their brain power in 6 days! You will be trained by coaches from “The Brain“.

Everything you are about to learn from The Super Brain Camp will completely transform the way you receive, absorb, process, and use information.

You will learn from these 5 topics during the camp.

Upcoming Super Brain Camp:

– 2018 Xmas Beijing Camp
– 2019 Chinese New Year Vancouver Camp

About Coach Team – Chao Yue Ren

Chao Yue Ren (CYR) Group was the first one and #1 education institute for children and youths health and intelligence development. Since 2015, CYR has organized more than 20 super brain camps and trained more than 2000 children and youths. They have world’s best coaches for super brain power development.

Chao Yue Ren is featured on China Central Television Channel 7 – 健康到我家 (Health to My Home)

Onenergy Institute is proud to work with Chao Yue Ren to bring World’s #1 super brain training to Canada and United States.

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Upcoming Retreat

Location: various locations
Date: contact us
The retreat is:
To explore and experience what’s beyond body and mind; to taste the truth in you; to touch the ultimate level of healing on all dimensions.

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Since Onenergy Qigong retreat in Mexico, people hear about the Hun Yuan Ling Tong song we created and shared during retreat. You now can download it from
#qigong #zhinengqigong #mantras #bandcamp

There is an old Chinese saying: 药补不如食补,食补不如气补。Literally it means "No medicine is better than food; no food is better than Qi". Or you can understand it as "Food is the best medicine; Qi is the best food." Today is 立夏 LiXia solar terms according to Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is the beginning of summer.
To know what foods are the optimal for health in this seasonal transition time:
#qi #qifood #chineselife #qigong #chinesemedicine

Learn this 5 minute #qigong workout, enroll a whole 7-day online course for FREE.

During this global pandemic, you must have spent way more hours in front of screen. As you are looking at this now...Your neck become stiff, your eyes become so dry and tired, and there are so many things going on in your head, wandering about the future. This simple practice can help all that.

Now it's a perfect time to Invest in yourself and to tune yourself for success when quarantine time is over.

You are about to enroll our 7-day online course to learn total 6 sections of this whole Qigong workout.
Anyone at 12 years or older at any fitness level can learn and do this, regardless of your physical or mental condition.
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