Are you ready to become Top 1% of your school, or your company?

Most of us only use 5% of our brain power, do you wonder why we haven’t or couldn’t develop the other 95%?

What we are capable of if we develop another 5% – 10% of our brain power?

Introducing, The Super Brain Camp, where children and youth from age 6 to age 18 will get a chance to unlock their brain power in 6 days! You will be trained by coaches from “The Brain“.

Everything you are about to learn from The Super Brain Camp will completely transform the way you receive, absorb, process, and use information.

You will learn from these 5 topics during the camp.

Upcoming Super Brain Camp:

– 2018 Xmas Beijing Camp
– 2019 Chinese New Year Vancouver Camp

About Coach Team – Chao Yue Ren

Chao Yue Ren (CYR) Group was the first one and #1 education institute for children and youths health and intelligence development. Since 2015, CYR has organized more than 20 super brain camps and trained more than 2000 children and youths. They have world’s best coaches for super brain power development.

Chao Yue Ren is featured on China Central Television Channel 7 – 健康到我家 (Health to My Home)

Onenergy Institute is proud to work with Chao Yue Ren to bring World’s #1 super brain training to Canada and United States.