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Ask Master Dai Live

Ask Master Dai Any Questions (Open to the public)

Sep 9, 2023

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9:30 AM PDT (check time table below for different time zones)

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Founder & Qigong Master


Co-founder & Qigong coach

Welcome To The Asking Master Dai

Whether you’re a beginner curious about the basics or an experienced practitioner seeking deeper understanding, we encourage you to submit your questions. No question is too big or too small, and Master Dai eagerly shares his wisdom with you.

Simply click the “Submit Your Questions” button below and enter your queries about Qi, Qigong, well-being, or anything related to your health and life. Then, join us on the event day to hear Master Dai’s insightful responses.

Why You Don’t Want To Miss It

  1. Direct Access to a Renowned Expert: Participants have the opportunity to ask Master Dai, the founder of Onenergy Institute and a seasoned Qigong practitioner, an enlightened Qigong master, any questions about Qi and Qigong.
  2. Interactive Experience: This live-streaming event offers an interactive platform where attendees can engage in real-time discussions with Master Dai, fostering a more personalized and engaging experience.
  3. Insights into Ancient Wisdom: Master Dai’s teachings are rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies, including Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Zen, and Qigong. Participants can gain profound insights into these timeless traditions.
  4. Holistic Health Focus: The event emphasizes the understanding of Qi, the vital energy that flows through all things, and Qigong, a practice that cultivates and balances Qi. This knowledge can lead to improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  5. Community Building: By bringing together like-minded individuals interested in Qi, Qigong, and holistic health, the event fosters a sense of community and shared learning.
  6. Exclusive Content: The event may provide exclusive content, teachings, or practices that are not readily available elsewhere, offering a unique opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of Qi and Qigong.
  7. Potential for Continued Learning: Participants may have the opportunity to connect with Onenergy Institute for further learning, workshops, or courses, extending the value of the event beyond the live session.
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Our Hosts

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Founder of Onenergy Institute

Master Dai has 30+ years of Qigong teaching experience. He started qigong practice at the age of 14 and then became a certified qigong teacher in 1996. In 2017, he founded Onenergy Institute, a not-for-profit organization. His teaching is informative, engaging, and insightful.


Onenergy Coach

Coach Delphine is the co-founder of Onenergy Institute. She started qigong practice in her early 20s in 1997. She has been a certified qigong instructor since 2017. She shares her experience and practice of anti-aging and being energetic and fit in her teaching.

Frequently asked questions

Once you register, you will receive the event join link in an email.

The Asking Master Dai event will probably last about an hour, depending on how many questions are submitted.

We highly recommend you submit your questions through this link before the event. Master Dai will answer those submitted questions first. Then he will take live questions if time allows. Or he will answer them at a future Asking Master Dai live event.

Sorry, we won’t send the live event recording. We highly recommend you attend live.

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Sep 9, 9:30 AM (PDT, America/Los_Angeles)
Sep 9, 10:30 AM (MDT, America/Denver)
Sep 9, 12:30 PM (EDT, America/New_York)
Sep 9, 6:30 PM (CEST, Europe/Berlin)
Sep 9, 10:00 PM (IST, Asia/Kolkata)
Sep 10, 12:30 AM (HKT, Asia/Hong_Kong)
Sep 10, 2:30 AM (AEST, Australia/Sydney)
Sep 10, 4:30 AM (NZST, Pacific/Auckland)
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