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Do you know?

No matter what you do, pills, therapy, exercises, or diet plan, you haven’t touched the root cause of your health problem.

Why cancer tumors will come back after medical surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Managing disease will not make you healthy.

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Why Attend The Webinar

Whole New Perspective About Health

Clear The Myth

What caused the disease is still unknown to Western medical knowledge and modern science.

Reveal The Truth

The truth of health is all related to the universal law that works behind all science and technology.

Show The Way

More and more people have helped themselves using the method we share and teach.

Topics to Cover in The Webinar

Why you can’t or don’t want to rely on the government or the public medical system to deal with your health.

It doesn’t matter what method you use to treat your disease, you just eliminate the symptoms. You haven’t touched the root cause of your disease.

What you can do to strengthen your immune system naturally and effectively.

You will doom to fail if you try to do everything to manage your disease. So how to stay away from disease.

Your body and mind is just the 1% of your existence. What the other 99% is and how it affects your health and life.

Qigong’s approach is based on the science of Qi which is different from the modern science. What the differences are and how they determine the result you will get.

The three amazing things that qigong can do to improve your health entirely without medicine, therapy, or surgery.

Our Speakers

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Founder of Onenergy Institute

Master Dai has 30+ years of Qigong teaching experience. He started qigong practice at the age of 14 and later became a certified qigong teacher in 1996. In 2017, he founded Onenergy Institute, a not-for-profit organization. His teaching is informational, engaing and insightful.

More about Master Dai


Onenergy Coach

Coach Delphine is the co-founder of Onenergy Institute. She started qigong practice in her early 20s in 1997. She has been a certified qigong instructor since 2017. She shares her experience and practice of anti-aging and being energetic and fit with Qigong.

More about Coach Delphine

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join the webinar?

You will be directed to the webinar countdown page after you reserve your spot. When the webinar starts, you can watch it on that page. You don’t need a web camera to join.

Will you send the recording if I can’t attend the webinar?

After you register for the webinar, we will send the webinar recording the next day. So you will have a chance to recap what you might have missed.

Do you answer questions during the webinar?

We won’t have a Q&A session during the webinar. However, you can submit your questions and comments during the webinar. We will get back to you or answer them in our live event within a few days.

How to get the 10-day online program offer?

When you stay till the end of the webinar, you will see the 10-day online program sign-up link on the webinar page. You can enroll from there.

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