Teacher Lu, Teacher Ling and Their New Zealand Trip

Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling just completed their New Zealand trip. In the month of February, they gave lectures in different cities in New Zealand. Many students were new to Qigong and Qigong healing. Some of the students were healed or dramatically improved during class.

Anita, one of the students, who suffered from several cancers for many years. She had 5 tumors in different parts of the body. After Dali healing (December 2017) and this New Zealand trip, her tumors disappeared.

Overview of Teacher Lu and Ling’s classes in the past year

2017 Spring, around 50 students attended healing class in Israel.

From March to May 2017, around 90 students attended teachers training class in Qingcheng China.

2017 Summer, around 25 students attended healing class in United Kingdom.

2017 Fall, around 25 students attended healing class in Austria.

From November to December 2017, 52 students attended healing retreat in Dali China.

Early February 2018, around 30 students attended healing class in Auckland New Zealand.

Middle February 2018, around 20 students attended healing class in Wellington New Zealand.

Late February 2018, around 50 students attended healing class in Christchurch New Zealand.

Early March 2018, 27 students attended another healing class in Auckland New Zealand.

Upcoming classes and retreat

From mid March to mid June 2018, there will be teachers training class in Qingcheng China.

July 2018, Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling will come to Vancouver BC Canada for our one month healing retreat.

During our upcoming July Vancouver retreat, teachers will teach and coach mainly in Mandarin. English interpretation could be arranged during and after class upon request.

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  1. I have attended to three week wisdom healing Qigong retreats with Master mingtong gu. I also studied online with his program. I would like to know where I can take classes here in Vancouver or in Richmond. I would like to take regular classes. Thank you.
    Rebecca Jenkins

    1. Thanks Rebecca for your comment and question. We will get back to you with more info. HYLT

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