Teacher Lu – A Qigong Healer

At first sight of Teacher Lu Zhengdao (路正道), you wouldn’t believe that such a skinny and young looking Chinese guy is a great qigong teacher. He has devoted himself to Zhi Neng Qigong career for over 27 years. And he has inspired thousands of people all over the world.

He is so energetic, wit, happy, and humorous most of the time. But could be very serious when he informed the students that they failed the exams.

Exams? That’s right. You got to pass both theory and practice exams to be qualified as Qigong instructor.

teacher lu zhengdao
Teacher Lu Zhengdao is a qigong master.


He believes that only qualified Zhineng qigong instructors can spread this new science to the world.

Through years of healing and practicing, Teacher Lu had developed his unique theory and method of how to stay younger and live longer in a supreme healthy way.

His wide knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism help to complete his system of self healing, both physically and mentally.

One of his famous lectures was about how human were alienated by this materialized world: How we human lose our true self state and therefore lose the ability of self healing. How our ego influences our values and the view of the world. How to awake our true self.

Teacher Lu’s first visit to Canada

In the past 30 years, Teacher Lu gave lectures and spreads Zhineng Qigong in more than 21 countries in Asia, America, Oceania, and Europe. Next summer (2018) will be his first ever trip to Canada.

And we are so lucky to invite him to visit Vancouver as first stop. We will host a special Vancouver healing retreat, where our members will have chances to listen to his lectures in person!

Meanwhile, we will be honored to assist him to complete his books about self healing theory and techniques. His books will be written in Chinese and will be translated into English in the future.

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    1. We did have quite a few video clips of teacher Lu. May consider publish some to the public in the future. Thanks for asking.

    1. He will arrive in Vancouver at the end of June. And will stay the whole month of July.

  1. I would like some more information about Master Lu and his trip to Canada in July.

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