“Live A Whole You At 100%” Qigong Retreat RSVP

We are very excited about the upcoming Onenergy Qigong retreat: LIVE A WHOLE YOU AT 100%

This is NOT going to be any type of ordinary Qigong retreat you had been to. It is going to be an EXTRA-ordinary one. Let us explain.

Qigong retreat by Onenergy

First of all, it is going to be about you. Yes, you! Not about the teachers, not about how well we have practiced and experienced so far. It’s about how we can work with you to experience and be aware what’s beyond body and mind. You will get a lot of hands-on experience, as well as action packs with which you can follow on daily basis.

Secondly, it is going to wildly expand your understanding of Qi, true YOU and true heart. Inspired by Dr. Pang’s several recent books including <The Heart Philosophy> as well as many other enlightened beings’ true experience, we will guide you to experience a new realm of practice and meditation.

Thirdly, we know that a lot of you got to learn Qigong because of its healing effect. That’s true. However have you noticed that healing on physical and energy level cannot last? Unless you taste the ultimate nature of your existence, the healing is not complete and reversible..

Our very first “Live A Whole You” Qigong retreat is scheduled to start on September 8 and end on September 14. It will be a 7 full-day program. We will host the retreat in Greater Vancouver area in BC Canada. Email us for details if you are interested to join.

[2019-08 Update] Thanks for everyone who has been interested and wished to join. Unfortunately we cannot take any more attendances because all the spots are taken. Please RSVP with us for next “Live A Whole You” retreat in 2020.

The second one is going to be in Mexico City in February 2020. RSVP starts in October 2019.

[2020-02 Update] Thank you all for joining our “Live A Whole You” Mexico City retreat. It was a mind blowing experience for everyone involved. At the end, it became a big celebration of life! If you missed that one, and want to join our next one, please subscribe to our newsletter and our event calendar.

[2020-04 Update] Due to global Corona Virus pandemic, we decide to postpone this year’s Onenergy Qigong retreat in Canada, America, Mexico and Europe. Please subscribe to our newsletter for further notice.

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When you can experience the true heart, you return to #tao #dao where there is no limitation, only unlimited possibilities. #unlimitedpossibilities ...

Only when we live out of mind, can we experience the true heart, the true nature of our existence. #trueexistence #trueheart ...

Any kinds of suffering can happen in any given situation, only because we live in the mind, and seldom in real existence. #outofmind ...

Since Onenergy Qigong retreat in Mexico, people hear about the Hun Yuan Ling Tong song we created and shared during retreat. You now can download it from bit.ly/HYLTsong
#qigong #zhinengqigong #mantras #bandcamp

There is an old Chinese saying: 药补不如食补,食补不如气补。Literally it means "No medicine is better than food; no food is better than Qi". Or you can understand it as "Food is the best medicine; Qi is the best food." Today is 立夏 LiXia solar terms according to Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is the beginning of summer.
To know what foods are the optimal for health in this seasonal transition time: bit.ly/qifoods
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