How to Practice Mingjue

In my previous article about mingjue and mindfulness, I share the first half of the story. Now let’s continue the story about Buddhist master Nagarjuna and a thief who changed his destination:

Then the thief said, “But whenever I have gone to any saints, they always say, ‘First stop stealing — then only can you be initiated.'”

It is said that Nagarjuna laughed and said, “You must have gone to thieves, not to saints. They know nothing. You just watch your breath — the ancient method of Buddha — just watch your breath coming in, going out. Whenever you remember, watch your breath. Even when you go to steal, when you enter into somebody’s house in the night, go on watching your breath. When you have opened the treasure and the diamonds are there, go on watching your breath, and do whatsoever you want to do — but don’t forget watching the breath.”

mingjue mindfulnessThe thief said, “This seems to be simple. No morality? No character needed? No other requirement?”

Nagarjuna said, “Absolutely none — just watch your breath.”

And after fifteen days the thief was back, but he was a totally different man. He fell at the feet of Nagarjuna and he said, “You trapped me, and you trapped me so beautifully that I was not even able to suspect. I tried for these fifteen days — it is impossible. If I watch my breath, I cannot steal. If I steal, I cannot watch my breath. Watching the breath, I become so silent, so alert, so aware, so conscious, that even diamonds look like pebbles. You have created a difficulty for me, a dilemma. Now what am I supposed to do?”

Nagarjuna said, “Get lost! — whatsoever you want to do. If you want that silence, that peace, that bliss, that arises in you when you watch your breath, then choose that. If you think all those diamonds and gold and silver is more valuable, then choose that. That is for you to choose! Who am I to interfere in your life?”

The man said, “I cannot choose to be unconscious again. I have never known such moments. Accept me as one of your disciples, initiate me.”

Nagarjuna said, “I have initiated you already.” (The end of story.)

How to practice mingjue?

That reveals us the way to practice mingjue: be aware whenever we are doing things,  talking, and having thoughts or emotions.

When we eat, instead of complimenting or complaining about the taste, presentation, service or surroundings,

In Summary

Great Qigong masters used to state that “气功生活化”, meaning practice in daily life. That non meditation way of mingjue practice is exactly how we could practice in daily life. It looks easy but not. Our unconscious living habits are so strong, and some of them even become addictions.

If we could completely break them and free ourselves from those old habits, we are much closer to see our true self. And If we can use both non meditation and meditation way of mingjue practice, we will be able to awaken our mingjue even more quickly.

Please comment below and let me know if you have question about mingjue practice.

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine Zhu

Immigrated from a non-English speaking country, Delphine senses the urge to unite people of different ethical backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. Onenergy Institute is her dream and passion to help more people with the right tools and guidance. Together mindful people can make a bigger impact on our communities and the entire humanity. Thriving to do whatever she can regardless of what is possible, is her way of consciousness and spiritual practice. She recorded the journey of self-realization in her personal blog


2 Responses

  1. Thank you very much Delphine, I have been practicing Mingjue and Do nothing meditation for some months and now I some times feel like watching myself from the distance, and some times like observing someone else doing something, at first it was weird and even scared me because it was like separating myself from another part of me, but now I am starting to just observe.

    Send you hugs

    1. I’m very glad about what you have achieved so far. In the daily non-meditation mingjue practice, when we look inside feel inside and just observe, often we will fall into some judgement. We thought that our mingjue noticed that we were doing something or anything right or wrong at certain moment. Then instantly failed the mingjue practice at that moment. It definitely not easy. LOL. After 1 year, I found that I could make less judgement for myself and for others. Finally some progress.
      Keep it on, Diego, I believe you can progress very quickly too. I will look forward to reading your article about your progress in mingjue practice in your website. HYLT!

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