Events Calendar Archieves


February “Live A Whole You” retreat, Mexico City

June “Live A Whole You” retreat, Vancouver (to be rescheduled)

September-October “Live A Whole You” retreat, Europe (postpone)


Feb 6 – 15 Super Brain Camp (Vancouver, 10 days)

March Energy Reboot with Guqin workshop (5 days)

April Transcendent Consciousness & Practice (5 days)

May Vancouver Healing Retreat (2 weeks)

September “Live A Whole You” retreat, Vancouver

October Health and Mindfulness Gala

November Qigong introduction workshop for couples


July 2- 28 Vancouver Healing Retreat (28 days)

Sep 1 & 2 Qi Cultivation with Guqin workshop (2 days)

Nov 25 Spine Strengthen Skills & Practice, Level 1 (half day)

Dec 2 Sleep Remedy Meditation (half day)

Dec 9 Spine Strengthen Skills & Practice, Level 2 (half day)

Dec 16 Sleep Remedy Meditation (half day)

Dec 26, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019 Super Brain Camp (Beijing, 10 days)

When you can experience the true heart, you return to #tao #dao where there is no limitation, only unlimited possibilities. #unlimitedpossibilities ...

Only when we live out of mind, can we experience the true heart, the true nature of our existence. #trueexistence #trueheart ...

Any kinds of suffering can happen in any given situation, only because we live in the mind, and seldom in real existence. #outofmind ...

Since Onenergy Qigong retreat in Mexico, people hear about the Hun Yuan Ling Tong song we created and shared during retreat. You now can download it from
#qigong #zhinengqigong #mantras #bandcamp

There is an old Chinese saying: 药补不如食补,食补不如气补。Literally it means "No medicine is better than food; no food is better than Qi". Or you can understand it as "Food is the best medicine; Qi is the best food." Today is 立夏 LiXia solar terms according to Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is the beginning of summer.
To know what foods are the optimal for health in this seasonal transition time:
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