July 2- 28 Vancouver Healing Retreat (28 days)

Sep 1 & 2 Qi Cultivation with Guqin workshop (2 days)

Nov 25 Spine Strengthen Skills & Practice, Part 1 (half day)

Dec 2 Sleep Remedy Meditation (half day)

Dec 9 Spine Strengthen Skills & Practice, Part 2 (half day)

Dec 16 Sleep Remedy Meditation (half day)

Dec 26, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019 Super Brain Camp (Beijing, 10 days)

2019 events and programs

Spin Strengthening group practice (ongoing)

Qigong and Health Workshop (one day, ongoing)

Super Brain Camp (10 days)

Energy Reboot with Guqin workshop (5 days)

Transcendent Consciousness & Practice (5 days)

Energy Boost Workshop for couples (2 days)

Healing Retreat (1 -2 weeks)

Health and Mindfulness Gala (3 days)


We have both local workshops and online programs.

If you are interested or have any question, please contact us.

You can send Email to [email protected]

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