Dakaimi Interview “Live A Whole You” Onenergy Qigong Retreat

On November 5 2019, Diego, founder of Dakaimi Mexico interviewed Onenergy Institute about the upcoming retreat in Mexico City. (February 11 – 16, 2020) Here is the full interview: (Original no subtitle)

(with Spanish subtitle)

Onenergy Institute teacher and coach Jing and Delphine were interviewed by Dakaimi Mexico Qigong center founder Diego. In the first part of the interview, Jing and Delphine shared their stories of when and how they started Qigong practice and teaching; how their life changed when an incident happened in 2017; why they started this non profit organization and so on. Diego brought 8 questions that many people might have to the interview. Here are the questions:

  • 1. What is true heart? What do you mean when you talk about true heart?
  • 2. What is the most important lesson Dr. Pang gives in book “Philosophy of The Heart”?
  • 3. Why many of us reach some level of practice but still feel something is missing, why we can’t live our whole self?
  • 4. Is this retreat for everyone? Please share some of the experiences that your students had.
  • 5. How can one experience this inner journey?
  • 6. People are often stuck in their practice. They practice very hard but can’t get the result they want, why? Why didn’t Dr Pang share this new teaching at the beginning?
  • 7. Why should we learn Dragon Spine online course before attending the retreat?
  • 8. Anything else you want to add to end the interview?

background information about “Live A Whole You” qigong retreat is here

Dragon Spine Online Advance Program is a 6-week online Qigong training course, which is great for people 12 years of age or up. It is suitable for people with or without previous qigong practice experience.

Onenergy Qigong retreat participants feedback.

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Hun Yuan Ling Tong
dragon spine qigong
live a whole you qigong retreat

When you can experience the true heart, you return to #tao #dao where there is no limitation, only unlimited possibilities. #unlimitedpossibilities ...

Only when we live out of mind, can we experience the true heart, the true nature of our existence. #trueexistence #trueheart ...

Any kinds of suffering can happen in any given situation, only because we live in the mind, and seldom in real existence. #outofmind ...

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