Conor McGregor, UFC featherweight champion since 2013, is such a confident and bold fighter. He claimed that he would definitely win the fight to the press before it started. He said that he was so confident that he could win it because he already saw it here (pointing to his head), and he was confident enough to speak it out to the public.

That’s right. That is one of his winning secrets, and is the most important one: visualization. He visualized every detail from walking into the cage, looking and facing the opponent, fighting and knocking down the opponent in different ways, to winning the game and holding the championship belt.

He visualized the whole process again and again in his head. He visualizes it vividly in every moment for many many days while workout, training, bathing, driving, you name it. And he didn’t even think losing was a possibility.

But why does visualization play such an important role in his victories? Because it applies one of the universe laws: law of attraction, which is “what you think or wish for, you will get”. In Hun Yuan Qi theory: Qi can be mobilized by mind. When the mind is very focus, the power of mobilizing Qi becomes very strong.

What is Qi? Qi is a life energy force. But how? Qi especially Hun Yuan Qi (the one energy) is the force and source to form anything visible and invisible.

When Conor decided to win, his mind set an idea/information: to win the game. Then he visualized every detail. So his mind became so focused that Qi was mobilized to add energy to that victory idea. Every time he visualized it, his mind mobilized more Qi to that idea. And eventually Qi forms that idea/information into a reality – he won!

Nowadays in sports, many athletes use visualization to improve their performance. You can find lots of similar ideas in personal development. They use dream board or vision board and they visualize how they achieve their career, business and personal goals. They unknowingly utilize Qi force to make things happen.

Some succeeded but most people didn’t. Because they don’t have a clue how Qi works and they don’t have specific methods to mobilize that Qi force.

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