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How to Practice Mingjue

Now let’s continue the story about Buddhist master Nagarjuna and a thief who changed his destination: Then the thief said, “But whenever I have gone to any saints, they always say…

Mind & Spirit

Mingjue, Consciousness & Mindfulness Practice (2020 Update)

Mingjue (in Chinese 明觉) comes from Buddhist books. Before we talk about what mingjue is, let me share one story about a great Buddhist teacher, monk and philosopher, Nagarjuna (150 CE – 250 CE)

Health & Fitness

Acupuncture and Qigong Healing

As an acupuncturist I find that my training in Qigong has helped me to command Qi more effectively in the treatment room. I often create a qifield whilst treating my patients and the calmness and tranquillity will help my patients to heal more effectively.

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Health & Fitness

Once a Hypertensive and Diabetics, Lives a Happy Life Without Any Medicine

Lady Ying is 82 years old and lives in Hong Kong. She is very happy, healthy and looks much younger than her actual age. Even young people would like to do the splits as easily as she can. But she was totally another person 18 years ago.


Teacher Lu, Teacher Ling and Their New Zealand Trip

Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling just completed their New Zealand trip. In the month of February, they gave lectures in different cities in New Zealand. Many students were new to Qigong and Qigong healing.

Mind & Spirit

A Hyper Positive Thinking Person Got Depressed, How That Happened?

The husband considered himself a very positive person. But the wife said that her husband was having a serious mental issue: deep depression. What happened?

conor mcgregor winning secret
Career & Productivity

Has Conor McGregor’s Winning Secret Anything To Do With Qi

Conor McGregor, UFC featherweight champion since 2013, is such a confident and bold fighter. He claimed that he would definitely win the fight to the press before it started.

Mind & Spirit

How to Tell, Buddist or Taoist or Confucian Qigong?

China has more than 3,000 years of qigong history. There are probably over a thousand forms of qigong practices still existing as of today. To help us to better understand them, we can categorize them into three major groups, according to their origins and theories. They are Buddhist qigong, Taoist qigong and Confucian qigong.

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