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Halloween horror and fear
Health & Fitness

Halloween: For The Dead Without Horror Or Fear

What do you associate Halloween with? Candies, costumes, haunted house, or horror movies. In this article we are going to talk about what you don’t know about Halloween and emotion of fear.

minimalism not simple life
Mind & Spirit

Minimalism Would Not Lead You To A Simple Life

Do you choose to be a minimalist because you want to live a simple life? Do you think that getting rid of things will make your life simple and happy? If you are unconscious, minimalism will limit your life instead of liberate it.

own your life
Mind & Spirit

Do You Own Your Life Or Just Rent It

Do you own your life? What do you own: Your car, house, job, money, relationships, and your body? What if I tell you you can’t own any of them…

tell the truth in words
Mind & Spirit

No One Can Tell You The Truth In Languages

Languges are beautiful tools for humans to communicate with each other. However, if you wish to hear or know the truth from books, videos, audios, or any language products, you are doomed to fail. Why?

life is not free, nothing is free
Mind & Spirit

Life Is Not Free, Qi Is Not Free, Nothing Is Free

Everyone likes free stuff, don’t they? When we think something is free, usually because we think it’s free of charge, or it doesn’t come with consequences. Is there anything free in the universe? Is Qi free?

body doesn't feel,mind doesn't know
Mind & Spirit

Your Body Doesn’t Feel; Your Mind Doesn’t Know

Quick Quiz: Can you remember the five senses of the body? Yes! You’re right it is the sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing.  What do …

what doctors mean
Health & Fitness

What Doctors Really Mean When They Say Your Disease Is Incurable

Disclaimer: We are not against doctors nor their profession. We give tribute to them, especially with the patience and sacrifices they made to heal our …

don't think outside the box
Career & Productivity

Lack of Ideas? Don’t Think Outside The Box!

Lack of new ideas? Stuck in your situation? I explain Why you shouldn’t think outside the box to get new ideas. Video blog.

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