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don't think outside the box
Career & Productivity

Lack of Ideas? Don’t Think Outside The Box!

Lack of new ideas? Stuck in your situation? I explain Why you shouldn’t think outside the box to get new ideas. Video blog.

work harder and change your life myth
Career & Productivity

Work Harder & Change Your Life Myth!

Believe in “work harder to change your life” philosophy? If yes, you want to watch my this nonsense about it.

Career & Productivity

Why You Don’t Need New Year Resolutions

Look closely at what your new year resolutions are for, and understand that wellbeing will never bring consciousness. Consciousness beings don’t need new year resolutions.

Career & Productivity

It Is Not What Makes Them Successful

I’ve made a mistake to believe that those are what make them successful. Turn out that it is not their skillset or knowledge, or their social networking, or their personality, or the self identification that they hold for themselves. It is something else, which most of people miss to see.

qi foods for health early summer
Health & Fitness

Qi Foods For Health During Lìxià Solar Terms

Chinese has a culture of Qi foods. There are a lot of old sayings about foods and Qi in Chinese, for example 人以食为天. Word by word translation is: food is considered as big as the sky. Traditionally Chinese people believe that the best practice for maintaining health is by eating.

coronavirus and mindfulness state
Health & Fitness

What Human State Has To Do With Coronavirus Infection

Every day on public media, social media, literally everywhere people are spreading news about Coronavirus, 1000 times quicker than the actual virus spreading. Since early February, our parents and siblings have been…

2020 Mexico retreat

What Mexico Retreat Participants Had Experienced (Part 2)

“Now I know that I am being supported by life. I find joy back and left the fear of betrayal, from now on I am willing to live 100% everything that comes because I love to live.”

2020 Mexico retreat

What Participants Shared After Mexico City Retreat (Part 1)

“I really loved the study and connection of the eight phrases. During the retreat, a little tumor that I had, disappeared from my arm over the skin.”

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