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Upcoming Qigong Workshop

Usually when people get sick or feel ill, the first thing they’ll think is: “Oh, I need to go to the doctor, or I need to take some medicine to help me get better.” They never imagine that they themselves could be their own doctor and that they could find the cure from inside their own bodies. That is why we’ve chosen to hold this Qigong workshop: to help people to understand that there are other solutions to their problems. In truth, Qigong is a very effective one. Many people think of Qigong as a form of physical exercise...

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Super Brain Camp Grand Landing In BC Canada

Are you ready to become Top 1% of your school, or your company? Most of us only use 5% of our brain power, do you wonder why we haven’t or couldn’t develop the other 95%? What we are capable of if we develop another 5% – 10% of our brain power? Introducing, The Super Brain Camp, where children and youth from age 6 to age 18 will get a chance to unlock their brain power in 6 days! You will be trained by coaches from “The Brain“. Everything you are about to learn from The Super Brain Camp will...

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Our mission

To study and teach how to connect with the ultimate source: The One Energy (Onenergy), to develop human potentials, and to bring about evolution of human health, wealth, career and relationship.

Upcoming retreat 2019

Qigong retreat
Location: Vancouver BC, Canada
Date: Sep 8-14

For people who seek alternative treatment and self healing; for people who want to live a better life.

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