Author: Jing Dai

Three Levels of Qi and Three Ways of Practice

Part I. Three Levels of Qi As Qigong practitioner,  I am very familiar with the terms “Jing, Qi, Shen” three levels of Qi. And I was taught of many practicing forms and methods purposing for those three levels: some are dynamic forms, some are static forms (meditations). However, I didn’t realize that everything that I learned was just knowledge from others and never became my own, until I read Dr. Pang’s latest book “The Heart Philosophy” and his other recent books about enlightenment. Now I start to realize the connections among these three levels. The importance of self-realization from...

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What I Got from Dr. Pang’s New Book “The Heart Philosophy”

I was very excited to know that Dr. Pang’s latest book “Chinese philosophy of the heart and its history” 《中华心学沿革简述》 (“The Heart Philosophy” in short) was about to publish when I met Dr. Pang last September. So when I finally got the book three months later (January 2019), I jumped into it and immerse myself in the ocean of philosophy of the heart. I read Dr. Pang’s “The HunYuan Entirety Theory” and practice ZhiNeng QiGong since I was 14 years old, I thought I understood every word but until now I start to understand the true meanings behind. After...

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